Doctor warns against swallowing santol seeds

As santol fruit (krathorn in Thai) is flooding the market, consumers of the tropical fruit are told not to swallow its seeds as they may puncture or clog up their intestine.

The Sawan Pracharuk hospital in Nakhon Sawan has, so far this year, conducted emergency surgery on four patients who suffered intestinal problem after having swallowed santol seeds.

According to Dr Korakit Laohasakprasit, resident surgeon attached to Sawan Pracharuk hospital, the latest patient, a 50-year old man, was operated on to remove 14 santol seeds from his stomach after the seeds clogged his intestine prompting him to be rushed to the hospital.

He noted that most of the patients were elderly rural people who have the habit of swallowing santol seeds because they were unaware that the seeds would post a serious health threat once the slippery meat that covers the seeds were digested leaving the hard seeds with their sharp cores which puncture the intestine. The seeds too are undigestible.

Dr Korakit warned that if the intestine was punctured, germs could escape to the stomach and cause infection which might result to death if not treated in time.