DNA tests do not match with those of suspects in British tourists’ murder

Laboratory tests of the DNA found at the crime scene where two British tourists were battered to death on Koh Tao on Sunday do not match with the DNA of the suspects held in police custody, including a British national, according to well-informed sources from the National Police Office.

Evidences collected from the crime scene that were sent for tests of DNA include three cigarette butts found about 50 metres from where the two British tourists were killed.

One cigarette has lipstick mark.  DNA of two people were found in the second cigarette and the DNA of a third person was found in the third cigarette butt.

However, the tests show that the DNA found in one cigarette butt match with the DNA found in the semen, said the sources.

The sources added that since none of the Myanmar and British suspects had the same DNA with the DNA found in the evidences, police would have to continue their hunt for the real killers who are still at large.