Dismembered female body found in Bangkok’s eastern suburb

A dismembered female body was last night found dumped in the undergrowth off Samwa road in Klong Samwa district of Bangkok’s eastern suburb. 

The dismembered body parts believed to belong to a woman at ages 30-35 who had died 4-5 days ago, according to Minburi police investigators.

Investigators said they were alerted of the finding of the human remains stuffed in separate plastic and fertilizer bags at 10.45 pm on Friday by a rescue worker of the Romsai charity foundation.

The bags were scattered in the  undergrowth off the Samwa road which is  a kilometer from Lotus Minburi super entre

According to the rescue worker, he said he traveled on the road regularly and noticed a black backpack abandoned in the undergrowth 3-4 days ago.

But it was yesterday when he became suspicious after smelling a strong scent in the area.

He went out to check the abandoned backpack and found a human head wrapped in a plastic bag. He immediately called Minburi police.

Minburi and forensic police arrived and began to search the area with the charity workers.

Two fertilizer bags and a garbage bag were found nearby in which more body parts and several items were discovered.

The mutilated body was then sent to the Police General Hospital for a scientific autopsy.

Initially, Royal Thai Police deputy spokesman Pol Col Krissana Patthanacharoen said on Saturday that the victim was an Asian woman.

The police were checking various police stations if any have received complaints of families reporting the disappearance of their female member.