Dental assistant’s family doubts police’s handling of their daughter’s case

Family of a 25-year-old dental assistant at a tambon hospital in Chumphon province who was shot dead allegedly by her groom-to-be has vowed not to cremate her body until all who were involved in her death are arrested and charged.

Somsri Krowjatturat, mother of Nontiya, the dental assistant who worked at Tambon Salui hospital in Tha Sae district, told the media that the family was not convinced that Ronnachai Panchart was the only person involved in the murder to her daughter. 

The family believed that another girlfriend of Mr Ronnachai might be complicit in the murder.

Mrs Somsri went on saying that the victim’s bank passbook with 600,000-700,000 baht in cash deposit, 15-baht weight of gold bar worth over 300,000 baht and a substantial amount of cash had been missing from her lodging on the compound of the hospital.

Mr Ronnachai allegedly told the police that he killed her because he didn’t want to get married with her on Dec 24 as scheduled.  He also claimed that he was heavily in debt because he had to get loans for the marriage.

Police brought Ronnachai to Nonthiya’s room for a crime re-enactment on Dec 20.

Pol Lt-Gen Surasak Yenprem, commissioner of Provincial Police Region 8, said that mr Ronnachai’s girlfriend, Ms Narumon Chueysombat, drove her car with the suspect to the hospital in the evening of Dec 18.

Then she drove the car to elsewhere and returned to stop the car opposite the hospital at about 11 pm. Mr Ronnachai disembarked and went to Ms Nontiya’s lodging, used a hardened object to pry open a window to get into the lodging and shot the victim dead when she woke up.

Ms Narumon was also questioned by the police, but she denied she knew anything about the murder.