Demonstration held to condemn brutal killing of family in Rueso

Over a thousand of students and residents, both Thais and Muslims, joined in a morning march around the town in Rueso district carrying posters and banners condemning yesterday's brutal attack that killed a Buddhist family of four, including an eight year old kindergarten boy.

One of their posters read Thais and Muslims have stayed peacefully and in harmony for a long time, they do not want any of such violence again.

They branded perpetrators’ attack as inhumane and gruesome in murdering even a kindergarten boy.

Another 12-year-old boy is still receiving treatment at Narathiwat Ratchanakarin hospital.

Meanwhile security forces continue their effort to track the militants’ whereabouts and escape routes from surveillance cameras installed in an outside the town.

The attack was suspected to be the work of a certain militant which authorities have identified and were collecting evidence to seek arrest warrants from court.