Democrat party to scrutinize Meechai’s charter draft carefully before deciding to accept it or not

The Democrat party will take some time to study the Constitution Drafting Committee’s final charter draft before making a decision whether to accept it or not, said deputy partly leader Ong-art Klampaibul on Tuesday.

He explained that the party would scrutinize the draft – both the main draft and the provisional chapter – in comparison with the original version to find out the amendments and to inform the public about the weak and strong points of the draft.


Ong-art Klampaibul, Democrat deputy leader

He said that the party would consider other related issues before it could decide whether to accept or reject the draft.

Mr Ong-art insisted that the voters should be well informed about the charter draft before they vote to accept or reject the draft in the referendum. The people, he said, should have the best constitution and not just any constitution.

The Democrat deputy leader also called on the National Council for Peace and Order to clearly specify which previous constitution would be chosen and put into force in case the CDC’s draft was voted down in the referendum.