A dead guar found in forest reserve in Kui Buri district

An adult male gaur was found dead in the Kui Buri forest reserve in Kui Buri district of Prachuab Khiri Khan.

Mr Kanchanapan Kamhaeng, chief of Kui Buri national park, told the media on Saturday that forest rangers and troops found the carcass of a male gaur weighed about one ton near the Kunchorn project in Ban Ruam Thai, Tambon Hat Kham, Kui Buri district.

He said the gaur was believed to have died 5-7 days ago and was decomposing when it was found by the officials.

Forensic police used a scanner to detect metal object embedded in the body of the animal but did not find any.  However, samples of soil, grass and water near the spot where the dead gaur was found were collected for laboratorial tests to determine whether they were laced with toxic chemicals or not.

Closer examination of the decomposed gaur by Mr Chamorn Sakdinan, a veterinarian from the provincial livestock office in Phrachuab Khiri Khan found some shallow wounds on the left armpit.

It was assumed that the ageing gaur might have died from wounds sustained from fight with another animal plus old age, according to the veterinarian.

The gaur’s carcass was doused with disinfectant before it was buried.