CSD to handle the 30-million baht lottery dispute case solely

The controversy surrounding the 30-million baht lottery claimed by two owners, a retired police officer and a school teacher, saw new development yesterday when the Royal Thai Police commissioner ordered that the case file handled by the provincial police to be transferred to the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) instead as public criticism and suspicion grow over the final ruling by provincial police went against public expectation.

The order by commissioner Pol Gen Chaktip Chaijinda mandated the commissioner of the Provincial Police Bureau (PPB) 7 to transfer the investigation to the CSD.

RTP spokesman Pol Col Krissana Pattanacharoen said that the commissioner had ordered that the case file currently in the hands of the PPB 7 be handed over to the CSD so that a fair and transparent investigation can be made in the case of the disputed 30 million baht prize winning lottery tickets.

The spokesman however confirmed that the PPB 7 police investigation has been carried out with care while the CSD had also carried out an investigation into alleged collusion in the lottery fraud.

He refuted rumors that the PPB 7 investigators had handled the case unfairly saying that the case was still under active investigation.

Recent opinion poll conducted by several news website indicated that the majority of people interviewed believed the real owner of the disputed five lottery tickets that won a combined cash prize of 30 million baht (1 ticket for six million baht) was Pol Lt Charoon Wimon, not the teacher Mr Preecha Kraikruan.

School teacher Mr Preecha Kraikruan (Left), Retired police Pol Lt Charoon Wimon (Right)

But the latest police committee appointed by the PPB 7 commissioner concluded the school teacher was the real owner.

The result prompted the Kanchanaburi police to prepare several criminal charges against the retired police officer.

Today the retired officer would be going to the Crime Suppression Division headquarters at 10.30 tomorrow morning to meet with the superintendent to plead his case.

Earlier he made public swearing in front of the city shrine in Kanchanaburi that if he cheated the lottery tickets of others, he would meet misfortune throughout his life time.

He even dared the teacher to the swearing at the shrine, but was rejected.