More court writs to be sent to Facebook to take down illegal URLs

Facebook Thailand has been cooperative with the government but is yet to receive additional writs from the court in order to take down 97 URLs which still have content deemed a threat to national security.

National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission secretary-general Takorn Tanthasit said Tuesday his office had coordinated with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society to have the court writs sent to Facebook Thailand so as to take down the 97 URLs.

Mr Takorn on Tuesday visited the Thai Internet Service Provider Association to inspect the work of the officials there to find out whether all the illegal URLs have been removed from Facebook.

Court writs have already been sent against 34 out of a total of 131 URLs with content deemed endangering national security.

Mr Takorn said, by the end of this month, he expected all the illegal URLs would be taken down by Facebook Thailand.