Court orders Aethas hotel and residences dismantled in 60 days

The Supreme Administrative Court on Tuesday ordered Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Pathumwan district office to dismantle the 24-storey luxury Aetas hotel and residences in Ruamrudee within 60 days.

The order for the dismantling the hotel came after the court found boththe Bangkok governor and Pathumwan district office guilty of negligence of duty for granting a permit for Larp Prathan and Thaptimtorn companies to build the hotel.

Under the ministerial regulation of the Buildings Control Act B.E.  2522, a building over 8 stories or taller than 23 metrescannot be built on a soi with its surface width less than 10 metres.  But the soi is less than 10 metres wide throughout its distance.  Road measurement of eight different points of the soi shows the width of the soi surface at 9.146, 9.207, 9.434, 9.150, 9.658 and 9.283 metres respectively.

The court’s ruling ended a six-year legal battle beween 24 long-time residents of the soi and the BMA and Pathumwan district office.

Mr Suchart Sawasdikul, one of the residents, said he had sympathy for the hotel for having invested a huge amount of money in building the hotel although the hotel was fully aware that the soi is less than 10 metres wide but still it claimed it had the consent of the city administration.

He said that the officials who gave the licence to build the hotel should be held accountable and made to pay the hotel of to serve his term in prison.

Pathumwan district director SitthichaiThuansakon said he had to see the court’s ruling first before deciding what to do next.

He, however, said that the hotel could sue the district office and BMA or to appeal against the dismantling order.