Court issues arrest warrant for Phra Sanitwong

A warrant has been issued by the court for the arrest of Phra Sanitwong, communications director of Wat Dhammakaya, who is facing charges of incitement of public unrest and posting false information on the social media.

The charges were brought against the former spokesman of the temple with Klong Luang police by the Department of Special Investigation.

Phra Sanitwong has gone underground and is believed to be hiding in the temple after the filing of charges against him.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, Phra Palad Seksan Attathamo, who recently took over from Phra Sanitwong as the unofficial spokesman of Wat Dhammakaya, turned himself in to police at Klong Luang district police station to acknowledge the charge of defying NCPO order.

Phra Palad Seksan was later escorted by the police to Thunya Buri provincial court where the police asked for the court’s permission to have the monk detained. The court granted the detention request, but granted bail to the monk on the condition that he must not enter the “restricted zone” declared by the NCPO.

DSI deputy director-general Pol Col Songsak Raksaksakul said Phra Palad Seksan was charged with incitement of public unrest, violation of Computer Crime Act and defying NCPO order.

He said that the monk was also banned from making statements to the media in a way which was deemed as public incitement otherwise his bail would be withdrawn.