Council suggests safety measures for car park buildings

The Council of Engineers has proposed agencies responsible for safety of buildings to urgently take measures to cope with the problem of cars plunging off car park buildings as this type of accidents have occurred more frequently every year.

The latest accident involved the fall of a car from the 4th floor of a car park building in Khlong Toey area  on Saturday (Nov 11). The driver was injured.

A car plunges from the 4th floor of a car park in Khlong Toey area on Nov 11.

From a recent survey of car park buildings, the council found that the strength of the walls do not meet required standards.

The Council of Engineers has, therefore, has suggested concerned government agencies to take the following safety measures:

  • The Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning should issue a law on the design of the safety walls to ensure they are strong enough to withstand the impact when hit by a car.
  • Occupational councils and associations and state agencies should urgently draw up the required safety standards of the walls of car park buildings.
  • Local administrations, including the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, should conduct random checks of the strength of the walls of car park buildings in areas under their jurisdiction.

The council also suggested concerned agencies to follow the models of car park buildings in Australia and New Zealand which meet the required standards.

An ordinary safety wall should be 1.3 metre high and designed to withstand at least 3 tonnes of impact.  As for a wall at the end of a driveway not longer than 20 metres, it should be designed to withstand the impact of 24 tonnes.