Cosmetic clinic fined 20,000 baht for over-advertising penis whitening treatment

The Department of Health Services Support has decided to impose a 20,000-baht fine on a cosmetic surgery clinic in Nonthaburi for over-advertising its penis whitening service with the use of laser technology.

A staff of the clinic in question has posted in a Facebook page the penis whitening treatment with the use of laser, claiming that the treatment process does not cause pain and the patients need not have to be admitted for rest and rehabilitation.  The post was widely shared and went viral in the social media.

Dr Thongchai Kiratihatthayakorn, deputy director-general of Department of Health Service Support, on Friday (Jan 5) dismissed as untrue the claim that laser technology could whiten penis.

Instead, he warned that men who receive the whitening treatment with laser could risk becoming erectile dysfunctional and the treatment could affect their reproductive ability, noting that penis is a very sensitive area and is vulnerable to inflammation if subjected to repeated laser treatment.

He added that laser whitening of the penis would be temporary and the skin colour would return to normal after the treatment.

Accusing the clinic of over-advertising its treatment service, Dr Thongchai said he ordered the clinic being fined 20,000 baht for violating the Health Facility Act and instructed Nonthaburi health officials to ensure that the violation will recur.