Anti-car theft campaign launched

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A partnership has been formed between the National Police Office and the private sector to combat against car theft with the help of members of the public.

An agreement was signed today (Tuesday) between the NPO, Plan B Media Company, the Non-Life Insurance Association and the Mirror Foundation for the launch of the “Most Wanted by” programme aimed at combating car thievery.

Under the programme, images of the “most wanted” car thieves and stolen cars as well as information about car theft will be featured on more than 100 digital billboards throughout Bangkok.  Information and images of missing people especially children will also be shown on the billboards.

All the information will be supplied by the police.  These include the information about stolen cars and information about the suspected car thieves who are divided into three groups in accordance with the severity of the alleged crimes they committed.

The Non-Life Insurance Association has offered rewards for anyone who can supply information leading to the arrest of any of the suspects.  The rewards are as follows: 50,000 baht each for the “most wanted” 50 suspects; 30,000 baht each for the wanted 20 suspects; and 15,000 baht each for the rest 20 suspects.

A total of 11,000 cars were reported stolen last year.

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