THAI union firm on Monday shutdown of the airline

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Thai Airways International labour union has reaffirmed its earlier threat to go on strike on Monday to demand the ouster of chairman Amphon Kittiamphon and acting president Chokechai Panyayong.

Mr Damrong Waikanee, the union president, told Thai Rath Online that the THAI staff could not wait any longer to see the company decline any further under the management of Mr Amphon and Mr Chokechai whom the union felt lacking in good governance.

Mr Damrong cited the management’s recent decision to sue four staff members, including Mrs Jamsri Sukchokerat, former union leader, himself and two others, for leading the staff to demand pay rise back in January last year in the Labour Court despite an agreement that the management would not take any legal actions against them.

The union leader, however, maintained he had no personal grudges against the two executives but would like them to heed the opinions of the staff. The “Shutdown TG” move which is due to start on Monday was meant to put an end to the decline and to restore the airline to its front-running position.

Damrong offered his apology to THAI passengers if the “Shutdown TG” operation causes flight delay or cancellation stressing that the national flag carrier badly needs reform.