Training course may be needed for those repeatedly breaching agreement

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Deputy prime minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan said this morning that Watana Muangsook has breached agreement with the military junta several times, thus prompting the military to summon him for "attitude adjustment."

A training course may be needed in future for those repeatedly breached agreements, he said.

The deputy prime minister in charge of security was commenting on Watana’s statement posted on his Facebook today saying he would continue to criticise the military.

He said this person was well aware of the military junta’s request for cooperation and to allow time for the military and the government to work first as election is going to be held soon, but he still breached the agreement.

He indicated that in future there might have need to have a training course if agreement is repeatedly breached.

He insisted that the military junta did not violate human rights of any individual.

Instead, what really is the intention of that particular individual as the draft constitution has been completed and now it is in the process to have it on referendum, Gen Prawit said.

Meanwhile spokesman of the military junta Col Winthai Suvaree said it was not the first time that Mr Watana has violated agreement but continued to portray negatively  the image of the military junta.

He said Mr Watana never cooperated, and instead made himself a trouble maker for the peace and order effort of the military junta.

He added that the military junta has treated him with honour in the past and would like him to use the right channel that won’t tarnish the reputation of the country to communicate.