Founder of Mae Pranom nam prik phao seeks justice from government

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The founder of the wellknown Mae Pranom nam prik phao (roasted chilli paste) lodged a petition seeking justice from the public service centre of the Prime Minister’s Office today (Friday).

Mrs Pranom Daengsupa, a founder of Pibulchai Nam Prik Phao Thai Mae Pranom Company, claimed in her petition that her business was taken over by her eldest daughter and son-in-law and, lately, she was kicked out of her own house.

She said that she had trust in her eldest daughter and let her run the family’s business on behalf of the family for several years until after her husband, Mr Sirichai, died in 2013.

Two years after the death of her husband, Mrs Pranom alleged that her eldest daughter, in collusion with her husband, forged the signature of her husband in a letter of attorney entrusting the nam prik phao business to her daughter.

All the shareholders’ names in the company which included herself, Mr Sirichai and the rest of the family except the eldest daughter were deleted from the company’s profile.

Mrs Pranom also said that she took the case to the court but to no avail and decided to seek justice from the government instead.

Comments from her eldest daughter and son-in-law were not available.