Traditional massage practitioners complain against TV Channel 3

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A group of Thai traditional medicine practitioners and masseuses yesterday (Tuesday) lodged a complaint with the Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine against a soap opera series of TV Channel 3 which, they claimed, are insulting to their practice.

Led by Mr Nopporn Wisutthisakchai, president of Thai Traditional Medicine Practioners’ Association, the group asked the department director-general , Dr Suriya Wongkongkathep, to inform the TV management or the producer of the drama series, entitled “Chaobaan Chaoruan”, that the March 9 episode had content which was deemed insulting to the practitioners of Thai traditional massage and spa.

Mr Nopporn said that many Thai traditional massage practitioners were unhappy with the TV episode in question and wanted him to raise this issue with the department’s director-general.


Mr Nopporn Wisutthisakchai, president of Thai Traditional Medicine Practioners’ Association

He disclosed that the Thai Traditional Medicine Council would lodge a petition directly to TV Channel 3 to complain about the matter.

Dr Suriya, however, noted that the drama series presented both the bright and dark sides of the profession and, as such, might make people in the profession felt offended. But he said that, in reality today, the traditional massage profession has become widely recognized and has earned the country a huge sum of foreign exchange each year.

However, he admitted that his department could not take any legal action against the TV Channel 3 because the episode in question did not breach any law.