Wild elephants die near pond 

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Two wild elephants were killed near a pond at a rubber plantation in Kaeng Hangmaew district of Chanthaburi province.

Villagers alerted forestry officials this morning after two dead elephants were found near their pond.

Forestry officials said they suspected the wild elephants were killed by electrocution as they found electrical cord connected to a water pump in the pond was pulled out and laid near the dead elephants.

They suspected that the two bull elephants, aged about 10 years old, came down from the Khao Ang Ruenai wildlife sanctuary mountain to drink water from the farmers’ pond after water ran dry in the sanctuary.

The electrical cord might obstruct their passage to the pond and therefore one elephant might use its trunk to pull it away and was then electrocuted.

Another was also electrocuted as it tried to help another with its trunk.

The carcasses of the two elephants became to decompose, indicating they might died over a week ago.

Authorities will look into the actual cause of deaths before establishing the real cause.

They have three motives for their deaths, electrocution, poisoning, or gunshot wounds.

They were using scanners to find whether they had bullets buried in their bodies or not.