GLO says less lottery retailers registered to book tickets in advance

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The number of lottery retailers who have registered to book lottery tickets in advance has dropped 2,490 to 172,498 from 174, 988 due to too many retail sellers and losses incurred by new sellers.

Maj-Gen Chalongrat Nark-arthit, director of Government Lottery Office, said over the weekend that the 12th advance lottery booking staged by the GLO saw less number of registered retailers queuing up in front of the automatic telling machines of Krung Thai Bank to make advance bookings compared to the previous bookings.

He explained that new-faced sellers might find it difficult to sell the tickets because of the high competitiveness due to too many sellers and decided to pull out after sustaining losses from unsold tickets or tickets sold before cost prices.

GLO spokesman Thanawat Pholvichai, meanwhile, said the GLO might consider introducing a screening system to weed out retailers who do not actually sell lottery tickets themselves but who sell their tickets in lump sum to other retailers at a profit.

He disclosed that the number of retailers who deposited money into their bank accounts for the latest advance lottery booking has dropped to 90,539 from 102,706.

GLO director Lt-Col Noon Sunsanakhom said it would take between 6-12 months for the retailers screening system to come into effect. He said the office was aware of about 100 “fake” retailers and would recheck whether their names would be deleted from the list of registered retailers.