Rising water level warning after China discharges water into Mekhong river

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China’s decision to discharge water from its dam to the Mekhong River will bring much-needed relief to Thai villagers who are being affected by severe drought.

However warning was also issued by authorities for people living near the river bank to take precautions as rising water level could be a danger if they are not prepared.

The marine police responded quickly to the water discharge.

Marine police car in the northeastern province of Nong Khai yesterday stepped up river patrols  to warn villagers who live along the Mekhong River about water level that could rise in the coming days due to China’s water discharge in the river to help relieve drought problems.

They are also told to evacuate their livestock as they could be threatened by the abrupt rise in water.

Meanwhile in Phetchabun province in the central plain, local authorities dispatched trucks loaded with clean water to supply villagers in four drought-hit villages in Wang San sub-district and Sap Poep sub-district of Wang Pong district.

They have distributed more than 100,000 liter of waters to help drought-hit villagers.

In the northeastern province of Chaiyaphum, irrigation officials worked tirelessly to pump water from the Chi River to store at a drying reservoir in Nong Bua Rawe district.

Water stored in the reservoir is used to produce tap water.

However, the Chi River is also drying up rapidly and the officials believe the water pumping operation could continue only for the next 10 days until there is no water left in the river.