Bangkok people assured of adequate tap water for household consumption throughout summer

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The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) yesterday ensured that there is enough raw water to produce tap water for household consumption and drinking throughout the dry season.

Assurance from MWA, the vital tap water producer for Bangkok, came after it was invited by the Department of Internal Trade (DIT) to discuss whether the current severe drought situation could affects its tap water production.

Also invited to the meeting is the Provincial Waterwork Authority (PWA), major tap water producer of tap water to distribute to people in the provinces.

At the meeting the MWA has affirmed that there is adequate amount of water to produce drinking and tap water throughout the drought season for the capital and its peripheral areas.

The MWA has pointed out that it has lowered tap water production by 10 per cent to reserve extra water, while also lowering the water pressure during the night to prevent further loss of unused water.

Meanwhile the PWA said it has been coordinating with the Royal Irrigation Department (RID) to better manage the water situation, where both agencies have held weekly meetings to closely follow up on the situation and work out plans to control the water quality to prevent impacts on local hospitals and factories.