Thailand is the world’s 33rd happiest country

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Thailand this year was ranked at the 33rd place among the list of 156 countries in the world's happiest countries surveyed by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Denmark was placed on the top as the world’s happiest country, while Burundi was ranked as the least happy country.

Thailand inched one place up from last year’s 34th rank.

Although Thailand will be the world’s 33rd happiest nation, it is however the second happiest country in ASEAN, after Singapore which claimed the 22nd position in the world’s happiest countries, and first in ASEAN.

Thailand’s rankings in world’s happiest countries in 2014 was 36th, and 34th in 2015.

The finding of world’s happiest countries was published in the fourth World Happiness Report released on Wednesday.

According to New York Times, the report was prepared by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, an international panel of social scientists that includes economists, psychologists and public health experts convened by the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon.

Though the findings do not represent the formal views of the United Nations, the network is closely tied to the Sustainable Development Goals, which the organization adopted in September, aiming, among other things, to end poverty and hunger by 2030, while saving the planet from the most destructive effects of climate change.

The report found that inequality was strongly associated with unhappiness — a stark finding for rich countries like the United States, where rising disparities in income, wealth, health and well-being have fueled political discontent.

Denmark topped the list in the first report, in 2012, and again in 2013, but it was displaced by Switzerland last year.


1. Denmark

2. Switzerland

3. Iceland

4. Norway

5. Finland

6. Canada

7. Netherlands

8. New Zealand

9. Australia

10. Sweden


1. Burundi

2. Syria

3. Togo

4. Afghanistan

5. Benin

6. Rwanda

7. Guinea

8. Liberia

9. Tanzania

10. Madagascar

Of the world’s most populous nations, China came in at No. 83, India at No. 118, the United States at No. 13, Indonesia at No. 79, Brazil at No. 17, Pakistan at No. 92, Nigeria at No. 103, Bangladesh at No. 110, Russia at No. 56, Japan at No. 53 and Mexico at No. 21. The United States rose two spots, from No. 15 in 2015.

From 2005 to 2015, Greece saw the largest drop in happiness of any country, a reflection of the economic crisis that began there in 2007.

The happiness ranking was based on individual responses to a global poll conducted by Gallup.