Central insurance firm says 2,315 people died from road accidents this year

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A total of 2,315 people died and 152,438 others were injured during the start of this year till Sunday March 13.

The shocking figures of road fatalities were disclosed by the Road Accident Victims Protection Company Limited yesterday.

The private company, which has 60 insurance companies as its shareholders and is doing non-life insurance business, said the figures were from road accidents happened from January 1 to March 13 this year.

It was established under the Protection for Motor Vehicle Accident Victims Act.

But the company did not elaborate on details involving the types of vehicles or which part of the country or which roads or highways where most fatal accidents happend.

It stated only that the cause of most accidents came from tiredness after long driving by  drivers, particularly chartered tour bus which has only one driver.

In addition these drivers might not have experience in their routes, and drive in high speed, particularly while driving downhill.

Other causes included imperfect braking system and the bus body and seats.

It then advised drivers of these buses to rotate after driving about 400 kilometres, or take half an hour rest, and drive at 80 kilometres an hour.

It also advised school master arranging a sightseeing tour for students to avoid starting the trip at night, and make sure all passengers fasten their seat belts to prevent them from being thrown out of the bus in case of impacts.

It also advised that they must check if the bus has third-party insurance coverage or not.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Public Health’s deputy permanent secretary Dr Suwanchai Watanayingcharoenchai said its study on fatalities from road accidents in 2016 showed there were 104 cases of road accidents involving public buses.

A total of 49 persons died on scenes, and 675 others were injured.

Of the 104 cases, six involved chartered buses of educational institutes.