NCPO proposes an outsider prime minister and six ex-officio senators

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The supreme commander, the defence permanent secretary, commanders of the three armed forces and the national police chief will be ex-officio members of the non-elected Senate under a proposal submitted to the Constitution Drafting Committee by the National Council for Peace and Order.

Under the proposal signed by NCPO secretary-general, General Thirachai Narkvanich, also the army commander-in-chief, there will be 250 senators, instead of 200 as earlier believed, to be appointed by an impartial selection committee comprising 8-10 members.

The non-elected Senate will remain in the office for five years to make sure that the reform roadmap and the national strategic plan are implemented by the next government and to counter-balance the elected MPs to prevent the politicians from using their majority vote in the parliament for their vested interests.

In the proposal, the NCPO proposed sections 83 and 154 of the provisional chapter regarding the nomination of the prime minister by political parties eligible to submit three nominees for the premiership post should be put on hold during the transition period.

A well-informed political source said this means that the next prime minister will be an outsider who is not a politician.

As for the election system, the NCPO has proposed the mixed-member proportional representation system for the next election.

The NCPO assured in the proposal that it has no intention whatsoever to stay on in power and would step aside in accordance with the political roadmap.