Shortened water festival celebration in Bangkok

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As the upcoming Songkran festival remains uncertain if the celebration days will be shortened across the country, but Bangkok is now certain to have the celebration days and hours cut short as part of its campaign to save water for household consumption.

Decision to shorten the celebration days and hours was reached at the joint meeting of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the Tourism and Sports Ministry, Ministry of Culture, the Tourism Police Division and the private sector.

Under the decision agreed, water splashing activities during the Songkran festival in Bangkok will be limited to reduce water consumption in wake of the worst drought situation in 20 years.

BMA deputy governor Amorn Kijchawengkul said water splashing activities will be limited to three days from April 12-14 and must cease at 9 pm in all 50 districts.

At the meeting the deputy governor said the business sector understood the drought situation and has agreed to cooperate in saving water.

He said business operators on Silom road and other venues such as Central World also agreed not to supply water to Songkran revellers. And BMA will not set up “Water tunnel” on Silom road as last year to save water.

According to Bangkok Post, while at Khao Sarn road, the popular venue celebrated the festival by back-packing tourists and locals alike, the Phra Nakhon district office will launch a PR campaign to explain to foreign tourists the country’s need to save water and cooperate.

This year’s Songkran festival holiday spread to five days beginning April 13 – 17. This is because April 16 and 17 fall on the weekend.