A school administration in Nakhon Phanom demands a 4-year old girl to undergo HIV blood test

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A network of people affected with HIV/Aids has asked the Ministry of Public Health to investigate the administrators of a school in Nakhon Phanom who has forced a 4-year old girl to undergo a test for HIV/Aids.

The network president Mr Anan Muangmoonchai said the school administration has demanded the test because the girl’s parents were tested positive for HIV but they have no symptoms and carry on with their lives as normal with the acknowledge of people in the community.

He said that the parents whose names were withheld had shown to the school administration a doctor’s certificate clearing the girl of HIV infection but the school administration has demanded a fresh test.

Also, he added that the hospital in Nakhon Phanom declined to conduct the blood test claiming that the girl was tested negative before.

He pointed out that the girl’s case was a clear demonstration that there are still people in the society who still have misconception about HIV/Aids.

Meanwhile, Mr Nimit Thien-udom, director of Aids Access Foundation, said that the same girl was rejected when her parents applied for her to study at a pre-school child centre.

A complaint was lodged with the chief of the department of rural administration but to no avail as the department could not decide whether the centre’s rejection to accept the girl for study amounted to violation of her right.


Public health permanent secretary Dr Sopon Mekthon

Public health permanent secretary Dr Sopon Mekthon who accepted the petition from the network said that the public still need to be educated about HIV/Aids so they have a better understanding about the disease.