A kind-hearted beggar who once donated over 1 million baht to a temple is now out of the temple

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An elderly beggar who earlier donated more than one million baht of his savings from begging to Wat Rai Khing has been expelled from the temple where he took refuge for several decades.

The beggar, Mr Iam Kampeeranont or Uncle Iam, is now living alone at a small room in front of the temple in Nakhon Pathom province thanks to the support of the social development and human security office.

An official of the office said that the office has not abandoned Uncle Iam but he is now having difficulty to make a living because he is sick and can hardly help himself.

The official who declined to be named admitted that he didn’t know why Uncle Iam was expelled from the temple.

However, another official said that Uncle Iam was removed from the temple because of the government’s new policy banning begging on temple grounds.