Home-made creative and innovative products to be given recognition stamps

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The Department of International Trade Promotion will hand out recognition stamps for locally-produced creative and innovative products so as to serve as guarantee for them in global markets.

The plan was revealed by the department as it launched a program to recognize and award prizes for the best designed Thai product for 2016 yesterday.

The award will publicly recognize new designers as well as operators who have made creative contributions to making local products innovative and attractive for export.

During the public address at this year’s DEmark (Design Excellence Award) ceremony giving support to Thai producers and exporters yesterday, the department’s deputy director-general Mr Supapat Ongsangkoon,  stated that the award was part of the government’s plans to promote greater innovation and creativity in the local industry as the demand for newer and more diverse products continues to rise globally.

These has been brought about by the booming lifestyles of consumers throughout the world which means that local producers must adapt to this constantly changing atmosphere to make Thai products recognized and accepted, he said.

On top of this, Mr.Supapat stated that in accordance with the government’s plans to promote greater innovation, the 2016 Design Excellence Award (Demark 2016) will strive to locate and provide greater recognition to creative and innovative products that have been produce locally.

As a mark of recognition for these products, the department will be handing out recognition stamps that serve as a guarantee for these goods in the global market.

Six categories of products will be recognized which are :

  1. Furniture 2. Lifestyle Goods 3. Fabrics and Fashion related goods 4. Industrial Products 5. Foods, Health, Cosmetics and Packaging Products 6. Graphic Design.