Kwan Phayao lake has enough water for consumption to last only 86 days

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The Phayao provincial administration has ordered all governmental units except the provincial waterworks authority to stop pumping water from Kwan Phayao fresh-water lake due to its low level.

The order means that no water will be directly pumped from the lake for water splashing during the Songkran festival next month, said Ms Chulasinee Prompao, the major of Phayao Muang municipal, on Friday.

As of Friday, about 13.8 million cubic metres of water are left in the lake which will be enough to produce tap water for consumption for only 86 days, she said.

Ms Chulasinee disclosed that several sand bars have emerged in the lake indicating the low level of water available.

The municipal administration has proposed the Fishery Department to dredge the lake to increase its capacity to hold more water in the next rainy season and the dredged sand will be used for landscaping for public benefit.