Strong summer storms warning today until Saturday in Northeast, East and Central Regions

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The Meteorological Department today issued a warning of possible strong summer storms in Thailand's northeast and central regions, beginning today as the result of the combination of the low pressure system and the cold spell blanketing the areas.

In its 6th announcement this morning, the department said low pressure system due to heat has now covered upper region of the country,

This will cause hot and extreme hot weather condition in these areas while strong high pressure system from China has blanketed northern Vietnam, and is approaching Thailand’s northeast region tonight.

The combination of hot weather and cold spell will bring about strong summer storms, beginning from the Northeast region tonight and later the East, and the Central Region,

Apart from the strong summer storms expected in many areas, there is also a possibility of freak storms in some area.

It went on saying after the storms, temperatures in the Northeast may drop 5-7 degrees, while in the East and Central Regions falling 2-4 degrees Celsius.

It warned people in the said areas to keep off instable huge sign boards and big trees from March 10-12, as they might be pulled down by the strong summer storms.