Bottled drinking water is sufficient

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Drinking bottled water producers assure the government that bottled water won't be running short although the country is going to face the worst water shortage problem in 20 years.

The assurance came after the Internal Trade Department (ITD) called bottled water producers from all regions for a meeting to discuss the water situation yesterday.

At the meeting, the ITD was assured by the producers that they have sufficient water supplies to produce drinking water and that they have no plan to increase the price of their products.

The water producers also promised to increase their stockpile of bottled waters by 20 percent to ease consumers’ concern over water shortage.

Meanwhile director-general of the Department of Water Resource Mr Supote Jirmsawatpong denied an allegation concerning fraud in his department’s budget for artesian wells drillings.

His denial followed complaints filed to the Office of the Auditor General of Thailand that officials from the department take 10-30 percent off budget for each well drilling project.

He insisted that there is no corruption in the department and vowed that any official found to be involved in the fraud will face strong disciplinary punishment.