Army chief says crack down on mafias will be indefinite

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Arny commander-in-chief Gen Thirachai Narkwanich announced today the crackdown on influential people or mafias will continue indefinitely  nationwide until they all be eliminated from the country's soil.

The tough announcement by the army chief sent clear signal to influential people who harboured criminals will be dealt with drastically no matter they be civilians or military personnel.

Gen Thirachai was reacting to yesterday’s crackdown of influential people or mafias in Nakhon Pathom where a large number of firearms and ammunition were seized.

The crackdown was a joint operation of soldiers, police and local administration officials.

He said the joint operation will continue with no specified period of time.

It would go on until these mafias are eliminated from the Thai soils, he said.

He also warned army personnel that they be drastically dealt with without warning if they are engaged in mafia-style businesses.