Former PDRC leader Suthep is ready to defend himself against the EC’s lawsuit

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Former leader of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee Suthep Thuagsuban announced today (Tuesday) that he is ready to fight the case filed against him by the Election Commission for blocking the February 2, 2014 election.

Similar charge was also lodged against former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra by the EC demanding a total of2.4 billion baht in compensation from both the two defendants.

Suthep denied that the collapse of the election was not the fault of the PDRC and he wanted to prove to the court that election could not be staged on that particular day.

The former PDRC leader admitted he didn’t know whether the lawsuit against him to seek a huge amount of compensation actually stemmed from the fact that the EC is now experiencing financial problem.

He said he was glad that the EC decided to sue him and Ms Yingluck because this would provide him with a chance to clear himself for being responsible for causing the collapse of the election.