Patee says Nok Air has already recruited several new pilots

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Nok Air has already recruited additional pilots and has improved the flight timetables for the pilots, said the low-cost airliner’s CEO Patee Sarasin in a press release sent to the media today (Friday).

As for the passengers affected by the cancellation of flights, he said that the airline would notify them in advance about the flight schedules or any changes of schedules if they will want to fly Nok Air.

For passengers who do not want to fly Nok Air after their flight cancellations, he said that they would be properly compensated.

Mr Patee also assured that the internal problem in the airline was being rectified and he was confident that it would not recur. He went on saying that he would try his best to turn Nok Air into the best low-cost airline for Thais as far as services are concerned.

Shortage of pilots has caused Nok Air to cancel several flights affecting thousands of passengers who have already had advance ticket bookings. To ease the problem on temporary basis, the airline has employed several foreign pilots.