Channel 3 urged by media organisations to suspend Sorayuth from duty

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The Thai Broadcast Journalists Association and the News Broadcast Council of Thailand issued a joint statement on Tuesday urging the management of Channel 3 TV to rethink its handling of Sorayuth Suthasanajinda’s court case.

The two broadcast media organizations met Tuesday to discuss the Criminal Court’s conviction of the celebrity news anchorman of Channel 3 TV and concluded that the court’s verdict and the inaction of the TV station toward Sorayuth had impacted on the image of the media profession as a whole, prompting the public to question the ethical conduct of the media.

Although the court case against Sorayuth is pending an appeal to the Appeals Court, they said that the Criminal Court’s verdict was sufficient to prove Sorayuth’s involvement in the wrongful acts which are both a criminal offence and ethical misconduct.

The public has an expectation that Channel 3 should demonstrate responsibility and set a role model in laying down ethical standard by suspending Sorayuth from hosting TV programmes at least until his court case is over.

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