Research shows university graduates still have highest unemployment rate

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The National Statistics Office today revealed its latest research of employment situation among population over 15 years old in January this year showing that university graduates still have the highest unemployment rate.

It said that of the 38.13 million population in the working age, up to 347,000 people are still unemployed, or 0.9%.

When compared with the same period last year, unemployment dropped by 57,000 people.

However, if compared with December last year, unemployment rose by 92,000 people.

It said university graduates remained to have the highest unemployment rate or 103,000 people, followed by pre-university or Matayomsuksa Plai level graduates of 71,000 people.

It went on stating that youths or population aged 15-24 years old have the highest unemployment rate of 4.3%.

But when taking into consideration of unemployment rate of the same period last year of  4.5%, it showed a decline.

However when compared with the previous month, unemployment rate rose from  2.5% to 4.3%.

For unemployment rate among adults or over 25-year-old population, it stood at 0.5%, a decline from 0.7% when compared with same period last year.