A mahout was killed as he tried to give a shower to a rogue elephant

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A mahout was fatally trampled at an elephant camp in Krabi province on Saturday as he was taking a rogue elephant for a shower out of his sympathy.

Another mahout, Mr Prasert Raksakit, told Krabi Muang district police, that he and the victim, Mr Anantamek Thongtae, were taking the bull elephant, Seedor Nakhon, for a shower because the latter felt sorry for the pachyderm as it was chained and did not have a shower for several days.

Prasert said he rode on the back of the 12-year old elephant while Anantamek was about to unchain the elephant. However, the beast suddenly went berserk, grabbed Anantamek with its trunk and slammed him on the ground before trampling upon him.

Other mahouts at the elephant camp rushed to the rescue of Anantamek and managed to rush him to the district hospital where he was
pronounced dead shortly afterward.

Police who later arrived at the scene sought the help of a veterinarian to subdue the elephant with a tranquilizer dart.