General Thanasak insists cable car to be built at Phu Kradung

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The government will press ahead with the construction of a cable car to the Phu Kradung mountainous retreat because 99.9 percent of the people agree with the project, Deputy Prime Minister Thanasak Patimaprakorn said on Thursday.

The deputy prime minister who oversees tourism and sports affairs said that construction which would take 2-3 years would commence once the environment impacts assessment study is completed which will take about six months.

He claimed that opinion surveys conducted by different governmental units from various groups of people from both the private and government sectors and members of the public showed that most of them agreed with the project citing its economic gains, convenience for tourists and job opportunities for the locals.

Regarding concern over environment impacts from the project, the deputy prime minister said that the problem was controllable. He assured that no trees would be cut as new technology would be employed which does not require the cutting of trees to make way for towers.

General Thanasak also assured that the cable car would not ruin the view of the mountainous retreat.