Nok Air cancels more Chiang Mai flights today

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Nok Air continued to suffer from pilot shortage forcing it to announce more flight cancellations today.

Latest announcement issued by Nok Air on Thursday said it will cancel two round flights from Don Mueang to Chiang Mai today.

Nok Scoot Airlines will fly passengers on the four cancelled flights instead, it said.

Meanwhile Nok Air chief executive officer Patee Sarasin admitted of the resignation of its pilots but refused to specify the number.

He said the resignation was the result of the current restructuring of the organisation and assured that all problems would be resolved by end of this month.

By March 1, he said everything would return normal.

According to Bangkok Post, at least 17 Nok Air pilots have quit the company, a day after the airline’s top executive dismissed as false an earlier report about pilots quitting in response to recent flight cancellations.

It quoted a source at Nok Air said that, as of Tuesday, as many as 17 pilots tendered their resignations which will take effect next Tuesday. The company has a total of 192 pilots.

According to the source, more resignations are expected following the Feb 14 strike.

Following the Feb 14 work stoppage that affected 17 Nok Air flights and about 3,000 travellers, Nok Air dismissed three pilots.

Key reasons behind the strike included problems ranging from pilot shortages to disagreements over structural changes to the airline.