Playboy Bunny Fearz’ dies in car crash at Ladprao

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Playboy Bunny popularly known as ‘Bunny Fearz’ died in a car accident yesterday.

Miss Thitithip Singhay, 25, known as the 2015 ambassador of Playboy Thailand, died from internal massive bleeding within the pericardium cavity brought on by severe trauma from an automobile crash at 4 am yesterday, according to forensic examiners at the Police General Hospital.

Thitithip Singhay who is also popularly known as ‘Bunny Fearz’, a Playboy magazine centrefold, was killed when her car collided into barriers at the Ramindra – Ajnarong expressway just prior to the Ladprao exit before dawn yesterday.

The autopsy discovered the cause of death to be from massive bleeding within the pericardium cavity.

Other injuries as a result of the violent crash have yet to be revealed and investigators will have to wait for the official autopsy report before closing the case.

The family of the deceased has made arrangements with a private mortuary to have her body transported to the Wat Thepleela temple for a 3 day funeral ceremony after the conclusion of the autopsy.

Close associates of Ms Thittithip Singhay said that they were sad to be informed of her passing.

They also revealed that she was a hardworking model who was courteous and had a pleasant personality.