Man seen strangling a cat will face charge of cruelty to animal

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A man who was seen in a video clip strangling a cat will be summoned to meet with police in Tha Muang district of Kanchanaburi to face charge of cruelty to animal.

Pol Lt Chayakorn Hengphraprom, a duty officer in charge of the case, said today that he had asked the owner of an apartment where the suspect was staying to notify him to report himself to Tha Muang district police station for interrogation.

The suspect, identified only as Oak, posted the clip in question in his Facebook page reportedly to vent frustration at his girlfriend who owns the cat. However, the move backfired as one Facebook fan notified the Tha Muang police and the Miracle for Life Foundation’s branch office in Kanchanaburi.

Pol Lt Chayakorn said Oak was yet to show up and his girlfriend has not been located either.

However, it was reported that the tortured cat and two other cats at a car accessories shop where Oak is working had been saved in police care.