Dr Xepeng defends her “Face Off” scheme campaign

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Dr Xepeng Chaiyasarn, the daughter of former well-known politician Prachuab Chaiyadarn, came out today to defend her "Face Off by Dr Xepeng" scheme although she is facing charge of over advertising, and accused of unethical medical practice.

In a press conference today, Dr Xepeng who appeared with her lawyer, said in tearful eyes that she is not a doctor and therefore accusation that what she did was unethical medical practice is unreasonable.

Instead she said she is a Thai citizen and has received doctorate degree.

She said she was ready to clarify her Face Off scheme to authorities which she insisted to go ahead in order to promote Thailand as a hub of cosmetic surgery in Asia Pacific region, and the reputation of Thai cosmetic surgeons in the world.

She said she was not yet notified of the ban by the Consumers Protection Office to use the word “Face Off” in her promotion advertisement, but was ready to clarify with all relevant government agencies with sincerity.

At the conference she also displayed successful surgical performance by a surgeon, Dr Cholatis Linnarajadanant, and said she had recommended several clients to the surgeon without any charge on them.

She also said several clients came to see her because they wanted their faces to look younger.

Dr Xepeng earlier claimed in a promotion advertisement that a former popular folk song singer Surachai Sombatcharoen, 60, looks half of his age through her “Face Off” plastic surgery technique.

But later Dr Boonruang Trairuangworawat, director-general of Health Support Service Department, said that there was no medical evidence to support the “Face Off” plastic surgery technique as claimed by Dr Xepeng Chaiyasarn.

He noted that the singer in question was given normal plastic surgery which has been administered at most cosmetic surgery clinics or hospitals.

The choice of the wording “Face Off”, he said, was just an advertising gimmick to attract customers, to publicise Dr Xepeng herself and to give false expectation to clients, said Dr Boonruang.

He also said Dr Xepeng was not a real doctor and suggested the Office of Consumers Protection Committee take legal action against the quack doctor.

The claim that the “Face Off” technique can reduce the age of a person by half is false and against the consumers protection law, he said.

Health officials inspected the hospital mentioned in the commercial ad and found it was legally registered and appeared up to standard.

However, the hospital claimed that it had nothing to do with the commercial about the “Face Off” technique put up by Dr Xepeng.