Army chief urges media not to attach importance to what Thaksin proposed

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Army commander-in-chief Gen Theerachai Nakwanich today told media representatives not to attach importance to what the fugitive premier Thaksin Shinawatra said as what is more important is the drought which the farmers are suffering.

“Let’s him speak whatever he would like to, and pay less attention or never attach importance to what he said,”Gen Theerachai said when asked for comment on his proposed talks with the government.

He said what the former premier said and offered was for personal interest.

Gen Thirachai said what is more important now is the assistance to people who are suffering from drought.

He said the government is now asking the people to go to the Damrongtham Assistance Centre so that authorities could offer help to them immediately.

He said the Army will launch a drought relief campaign in cooperation with other government agencies to help the people suffering from drought.