Ministry urges Thai businesses to invest in China as prospect still bright

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The Ministry of Commerce has urged Thai private sector to make investments in China to take advantage of the dramatic rise in interest from foreign investors in the country.

The ministry’s movement came after increasing foreign businesses making significant in-roads into the Chinese market such as , the Starbucks coffee franchise which has plans to expand there with 500 more outlets to be setup.

Besides, the American company Uber Technologies Inc. has already invested 6.3 billion Yuan there stating China’s ‘New Normal’ policy to restructure local industries will greatly benefit the Chinese economy in the long-run.

Director-general of the Department of International Trade Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce Mrs Malee Chokelamlert stated that released statistics collected from its Kunming office showed a significant increase in foreign investment in China for 2015.

This amounts to more than US$12.6 billion which is a 6% expansion.

The sectors receiving the most interest are medical supplies and personal health sector, medicines, telecommunications as well as service sectors.

The information collected also showed a dramatic increase in Chinese consumer preferences for higher quality goods and services which represents a great opportunity for Thai investors.

Besides being given greater preference over investors from other nations, Thai businesses are recognized for their expertise in the restaurant, spas, hotels and e-commerce field, she added.