Government mulls tax incentive for buyers of Otop products

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Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak has floated the idea of giving tax incentive to buyers of community-based Otop products.

He said that the government is mulling how to encourage foreign tourists and Thais to buy Otop products produced by villagers in communities as a means to promote Otop products and, at the same time, promote tourism in communities.

One of the ways being explored is that buyers who purchase Otop products can use the receipts to claim tax deductions and this may encourage more people to buy more Otop products, said Mr Somkid, however, adding that the government will consider how this can be translated into action.

Despite political uncertainty, the deputy prime minister pointed out that tourism is booming, reflecting the notion that Thailand is the “chaotic beauty” magnet for tourists.

“If the number of tourists is equal to X and if you want to earn more from them you must make them stay longer. If you light up a walking street to let them walk at night, they will increase their spending and farang love Otop products,” said Mr Somkid.