Buddhamonthon Buddhism Centre to hold candle-lit merit making circle walk today   

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The National Office of Buddhism today announced that His Majesty the King has designated Privy councillor Ampol Senanarong to preside over a merit making walk around the principal Buddha statute at Buddhamonthon Buddhism Centre in Nakhon Pathom province at 5 pm today.

Deputy spokesman of the National Office also said that in the evening, Somdet Phra Maharatchamangklacharn, abbot of Wat Paknam will also give a sermon during the period.

He dismissed rumour that there might be a rally by some monks at the Buddhamonthon Buddhism Centre, saying all monks came here to perform Buddhism religious activities.

He said the centre held religious activities since February 18 and a total of 1,250 monks have arrived to participate in the events.