Government says US embassy denied report of IS threats in Bangkok

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The United States Embassy in Thailand has denied any of its officials had warned that Bangkok could become a target of possible attacks by Islamic State terrorists, said Maj-Gen Veerachon Sukhonthapatipark, deputy spokesman of the Prime Minister’s Office.

He said he had checked with the US embassy about a press report quoting an unnamed special advisor to the embassy who warned that IS terrorists might attack shopping malls and BTS elevated train system in Bangkok.

The embassy, he added, denied any of its officials had made such statement to the media saying that the embassy did not have such information about the presence of IS in Thailand.

National Security Council secretary-general Gen Thaveep Netniyom, meanwhile, said that the US normally issued general warning to countries in this region and not any country in particular about the IS threats.

As a precaution, Pol Gen Srivara Rangseepramnakul, the deputy national police chief, said Special Branch police had been instructed to step up its operations to gather intelligence information regarding terrorist groups although no traces of IS have been found in the country.