Poomtham: cabinet’s comments on charter draft a proof of the flaws of the draft

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The cabinet’s comments on various points of the charter draft is a clear indication that the draft is badly flawed, will not be accepted and may not sail through the referendum process, said Pheu Thai acting secretary-general Poomtham Wecchayachai on Friday.

He hailed the cabinet’s comment opposing a provision in the draft which seeks to extend the term in service of the judges of Constitutional Court. The cabinet proposed that the roadmap should be strictly followed.

Poomtham said that the draft seeks to give too much powers to the Constitutional Court which may impact on national administration and parliamentary representation system.

He said that the junta had observed the reactions to the provision in question and realized the past mistakes of the Constitutional Court.

Regarding the cabinet’s proposal of a half-baked democracy, Poomtham said the majority of the people do not trust and have doubt over the political system and personnel to emerge from the system and mechanism designed by the Constitution Drafting Committee.

He claimed that democratic system has always had the way out for a crisis. He blamed the political crisis two years ago to elements who disregard democracy.

Two years since the military takeover on May 22, 2014 is a long time enough for the country to return to democracy and this will be the best way out of the crisis for the country and for the restoration of peace for the people, said the Pheu Thai acting secretary-general.