Police spokeman rules out report of 200 Thai women detained in South Korea

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Deputy spokesman of the National Police Office today (Friday) dismissed as unlikely that about 200 Thai women are now being held in South Korea on charges of illegal entry or prostitution.

Pol Col Krisana Pattanacharoen, however, admitted that the figures might represent the total number of Thai women detained in South Korea for the whole year last year.

He said that several of the women were charged with illegal entry probably victims of human trafficking while others were charged with prostitution. He added that Thai police had sought information from their South Korean counterpart in order to track down the brokers or human traffickers in Thailand as it was known that several women were forced into prostitution after they were lured to work as masseuses in South Korea.

The spokesman further said that he was not worried that this report about the Thai women held in South Korea would impact on Thailand’s tier-three ranking regarding human trafficking problem as the government has done its utmost to crack down on human trafficking.